Be The Hero.

When you think of sex trafficking — as a guy, it’s easy to think that this is an issue to pass off to the women to fight against. But the truth — if we are going to stop sex trafficking in this generation, we need men to be the heroes. It’s time for men to rise up and say, “No longer will we allow our sisters, mothers, girlfriends, cousins, or friends to be exploited for their bodies!”

Join the fight against sex trafficking. Your role, as a man, matters.

This summer, Go International + Coast to Coast Central invite you to join the Justice Tour in Thailand + Cambodia. Together, we’ll go out into the frontlines to fight one of the greatest injustice and claim freedom for humanity.

The two week humanitarian trip will have an emphasis of working with women in sex trafficking — your role, men, is to be the hero. You’ll work with the leaders on our team to keep the girls on our team safe as we enter into the red light districts. During our red light district ministry, we’ll host parties for women who are victims of sex trafficking. Your role during these parties is perhaps one of the most important. You will have the unique opportunity of re-defining how these women view men, themselves, and love. Kidnapped, drugged, and sold into an industry that exploits their bodies — these women often see men as manipulators. Throughout the parties, you will be able hit the re-set button and show these women that being a man isn’t being a manipulator but a servant leader. You will be able to show these women Jesus.

Take a stand. The world is looking for heroes — you are that man.


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