Guest Speaker: Tom Newman

Last week we were fortunate to have Tom Newman, the director of Impact Productions, speak with us. His insights into life and the impact our lives make in others were priceless.

If you were to imagine your life as a book what would it look like and what chapter would you be in today? Maybe each chapter would have certain significant events that took place in your life. When you take a look at those chapters do you begin to notice God’s presence in it, however subtle? The fact is we are all born with a mission or a sense of purpose, but we determine how or if we are going to live it out. Still think that it’s a little strange to look at our lives as a story?

Let’s take a look at Jesus’ ministry in Mark 4:1-13. In this passage Jesus told the people a parable about the kingdom of God. Now if you have looked at Jesus’ ministry much in the Bible you notice this reoccurring theme of telling stories. Why did Jesus do this? He knew people would relate to stories and in turn learn from them. I believe that is true with our lives. Our lives and our stories are valuable to others. The fact is we don’t know how many are reading the “story” of our lives whether it is through everyday interaction or through a passing greeting. Nevertheless they are there. Please take a moment to ask yourself what story God is telling through your life?

Let me leave you with a statement made by Tom Newman…

“God has given us a front row seat to the story He is unwinding and that story is our lives.”

Written by Go Apprentice: David Solomon