Guest Speakers: Susi Taylor and Barbara Arbo

“The spirit of God gives us direction in our life,” Barbara Arbo declared confidently.

“Seeking and waiting on God is wonderful, but nothing in life will come about unless you act on it; action is key,” stated Susi Taylor.

Reading these two statements next to each other might not seem consistent, but hearing their messages one after the other proved otherwise. This past Thursday we were fortunate to have these two women of God speak back to back. Each of them brought unique insights into the meaning of what it is to live for God. Even though they are from different parts of the country with two different messages in mind, they somehow wove together beautifully.

To start us off Mrs. Arbo expressed the importance of relying on God and his direction for our lives, which is made known through His spirit and His word. She often exclaimed that even with all of our knowledge and insight we still often don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Lets be honest, following God’s purpose for our lives isn’t the most obvious route to take. I believe that is the very reason God’s word repeatedly tells us to trust in Him. That is the beauty of a relationship with God… we don’t have all the answers, He does. We rely on Him solely and continually.

Waiting and relying on God is wonderful, but there is much more depth than that when it comes to God. A key part of trust is action. How can you truly trust in God if you don’t DO what He asks of you? Just as it says in James 1:22 – “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” The direction of God is essential and the faith to act on it is indispensable as well.

I want to take one last turn and finish with a statement made by Susi Taylor, “What you look at the longest, becomes the strongest… keep looking at those dreams and most of all keep chasing them."

Written by Go Apprentice: David Solomon

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Barbara with husband Stephen

Susi after speaking at Go