Guest Speaker: Bob Harrison

This past Thursday we very fortunate to have Bob Harrison, a.k.a. Dr. Increase, come and share with the interns about his life ventures. Well known for his financial lessons and the “Increase” conferences he hosts across the country, Mr. Harrison decided he would begin the discussion with a quote from Donald Trump. When Mr. Trump was asked about his success and how he has achieved what he has in life, his response was, “You’re going to be thinking anyway, why not think bigger”. Although Mr. Harrison talked about many life lessons that were powerful and relevant, I want to talk about just a couple of them that really “hit home” with me and changed my way of thinking. In all honesty there was just too much wisdom and too many topics for me to write about in a single blog. The lessons that were presented could of created a yearlong curriculum. So let’s start with the power of habits. Mr. Harrison made this excellent statement; “The habits you have now will close or open doors for you”. Don’t deceive yourself, if you are not living the way you want to be right now then you aren’t going to magically change five years down the road. This is just another reminder that the little things and little decisions in our life create the most substantial results, desirable or not. “Your life will consist of the habits and routines you choose to have,” he said. “If you are faithful in little things, then you will be faithful in big things.” After this he gave us some of his most important Healthy Habits:

1.     Faithfulness in everything that is given to you.

2.     Do more than what is expected.

3.     Live your life by schedule and routine, but always be ready for interruption.

Another significant point that he presented was just how critical it is to be faithful. Let’s be transparent for a moment. Life can be dull. This is when you need to ask yourself, “What do I believe that God really told me”? When you are dealing with confusion, go back to the last time you had clarity with what God told you. Commitments are crucial to success. Hold on to the word that God has given you. For me, it’s the only thing that gets me through those moments of doubt and insecurity. In the words of Mr. Harrison, “It’s amazing how fast God can create change if you just hang in there." The third one is, “Circumstances only have the power that you give them”. The moment you decide that circumstances will no longer have control over your decisions is the moment you have power over circumstances. If you let circumstances dictate what you do, they will continue doing just that for the rest of your life. God’s promises are greater than your circumstances. The last one and my personal favorite is… (drum roll please). Don’t worry about money. “The fact is money is always behind,” expressed Mr. Harrison. Behind what? What he meant by that is, money always follows those who take advantage of opportunities. Strategies and ideas create money and opportunities. God will give you the strategies and ideas that will bring money to you.

I believe that all of these points are vital to success in life, but it is up to you whether or not you apply them in your life. Remember what Mr. Trump said, “You’re going to be thinking anyways, so why not think bigger”.