Project Panama 2010: Arrived in Panama

Today we arrived in Panama City and have already picked up where we have left off in Miami. Our training has continued at a vigorous pace, but our team members have risen to the challenge. The team's positive outlook and enthusiasm is shown not only in the daily demeanor, but also in how they approach their training as a sacrifice of love for the Kuna people. The air is charged with hope and compassion and we haven't even arrived to the islands yet! Along with each team there is an integral part to play. With everything from the water systems being installed to the medical clinics teaching the locals and even the Evangelism teams loving the people; it is apparent that every individual is taking on their role with a sense of duty and commitment. Only one more day until all the projects begin and only one more day until the Kunas experience the love of Christ in action!

Just as a heads up, we unfortunately will not be able to do web updates while we are on the islands. Although we love getting to share daily photos and stories with everyone back home, we are so excited to have this rare opportunity to reach such a primitive group of people. Since we will be without internet connection while we're on the islands, we will be doing daily updates by phone to our Trip Update Line, which you can call at 1-866-992-2554 ext. 4. We will continue our regular web updates when we return to Panama City on the 27th of June.