Mystery Trip Update: Day 3

At Go International, it's safe to say that "seeing" is never enough, our team is always desiring to be "hands on". This "hands on" mentality trickles into every area of their lives, and that includes whenever an adventure presents itself. Yesterday, the team went on a Safari and saw wild animals from a safe distance, however, they decided to take this wild animal adventure to the next level and visit the Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The team got "hands on" as they interacted with young lion cubs and fed giraffes. This was an experience of a lifetime and left the interns wondering if it could get any better. Little did they know, that a clue would be coming around the corner to reveal another adventure.

Life on the Mystery Trip can be described as fluid or perhaps even spontaneous. One moment you can be hanging out with lion cubs in Jo-burg, and the next moment you may be on the edge of your seat discovering that you are about embark on a new adventure. As the days continue, the interns are quickly grasping this way of life. Exiting the park, the interns stumbled upon Greg Baca, director of Go International, sitting on a park bench. Set up next to him was a computer with a video ready and waiting for the interns. Running with excitement, the interns huddled around the video as it started. It wasn't long before their faces were lit up and filled with shock as the video announced that Johannesburg was not the final destination. The video revealed another part of the mystery: Cape Town was waiting to be impacted by Go International. Revealing Cape Town as a second destination caught the interns completely off guard, however, no group of 9 people could be more excited than this group. As they took of running for the vans with excitement, they turned and yelled to the rest of the staff "Hurry up guys! We gotta get to Cape Town!"

So tonight, the Mystery leads the Go International's team to Cape Town, South Africa. Tomorrow, Cape Town will wake up with some visitors who are ecstatic to start ministering.

The story of the mystery continues, tomorrow.


Safari & Cape Town Reveal from Go International on Vimeo.