Mystery Trip Update: Day 6

Boulder Beach:

Lions, giraffes, zebra and… penguins? Yes, there are penguins in S. Africa too! If one word could describe this beautiful nation, I believe it would be diverse. In what other country could you find such contrasting habitats and the animals that follow? For this once-in-a-lifetime experience the interns spent their afternoon on Boulder Beach, surrounded by a vast ensemble of spirited penguins. It’s almost a surreal moment as you see yourself walking along the beach and jumping into the water with these curious, buoyant birds. These lively, little creatures are just another reminder of God’s overwhelming creativity.

Love from Above:

Beginning with prayer, the team of expectant interns began to seek God for His direction. Discussing their ideas back and forth, they narrowed down the options and followed what they believed to be the best course of action and hit the streets. Armed with just 120 Rand ($20) and their personal creativity, they put their plan into action. A variety of options set into motion, but one purpose was set in their hearts- show the love of God. After they finished their day of ministry the team got together to talk about what had come about from the Love From Above ministry challenge. It’s amazing what you can do with a few bucks and a willing heart. The stories were simple and nothing seemingly amazing, but they were heart-felt and sincere. The heart of God was portrayed wonderfully as they began to explain how they spent their time with the homeless and the children that were scattered across the streets. Throughout the emotional conversation, the point of this challenge was slowly unveiled- everyday life is an opportunity. Ministry is how you live your life and how you spend your time, whether in another country or in your own hometown.

Cape Town Ministry from Go International on Vimeo.