Speaker of the Week: Bob Harrison

This week once again, Bob Harrison, our guest speaker returned to the Go offices to share with the interns some wisdom he’s gathered throughout his life. For his first statement  Dr. Increase confidently proclaimed, “Everything you do is a calling card towards your future. Opportunity comes at any moment. You have to ask yourself if you’ll be ready for it.” He looked around the room and continued, “There are two things about life you need to know. Life is a mix of learning to enjoy where we are while preparing to go somewhere else.” Pausing to let the thought simmer he continued, “All too often people focus on just one of these things. These individuals are either so focused on the future that they don’t allow themselves to enjoy the life they are currently living; or on the flip side of things, they are so focused on enjoying life right now that they forget to plan for future opportunities”. He took the discussion a new direction by quoting something Norman Schwarzkopf told him while he was at a speaking engagement with him. “He told me that, ‘Life is a collection of seasons,’” Mr. Harrison said. “You see, often people tend to think of life as a continuum- we see it in a linear fashion." The truth is, life is just like the seasons, one ends and another begins. We need to recognize what season we are in so we can embrace it for what it is and so we also can properly prepare for the upcoming season ahead. Mr. Harrison continued with many more valuable pieces of information, but there was one key point he left us with that grasped my attention- Change begins with us. If you are looking for change in your life and the environment that surrounds you, begin with small changes in your personal life. The smallest of steps pave the way for the greatest moments of progress. Written by: David Solomon