Through My Eyes by Lauren Bruhn

"Life is a series of seasons; unfortunately, we tend to think of it as a continuum. One season ends after the other, and it’s important that we learn how to embrace new beginnings." This statement was made by Bob Harrison, one of the most quotable and wise men I've met, when he came to speak to our small group of interns. As a man who has come from conquering the business world to ministering to thousands and overcoming tragedy, he spoke from his heart, and from his life’s experiences. His genuine nature is what makes him so inspiring and we were anxious to hear each word that came from his mouth. "The real success to life is to enjoy the season you are in, but always prepare for the next,” he said. Unexpected things happen weather tragic or beautiful, but through the good and bad seasons, God is speaking to us. Everything we do is preparing us for the future. Bob also said something that I think is so important in today’s society, since we live in a culture where planning ahead is so crucial. “We need to learn to pause, take a step back, and truly enjoy the season that God has placed us in.” It is definitely an art to master the balance that Bob spoke of, but once we can do this, I believe we will be able to further enjoy the lives we have been given.