Go Geographic: Cambodia Intiative

This summer, GO International is taking a group overseas on an 18 and older mission trip to Cambodia. Although we have several different initiatives taking place while in the country, I want to highlight a particular project we’ll be doing with an orphanage based in the village of Kampong Thom. They have the capacity to house 80 children, but they currently don’t have the resources to feed that many. Usually, orphanages operate off of a monthly sponsorship program. Although sponsorship is helpful, supplying them with the means to provide for themselves would be much more effective. That’s why this summer Go International will be purchasing a farm on a 120-parcel plot of land right next to their housing complex. This farm will consist of chickens, quails, fish and mushrooms. This vital project will also lower the monthly sponsorship rate, making it much easier to have financial support. The Math.

-On average, sponsoring an orphan for one month costs $40.

-This would make the yearly figure approximately $480.

-If the entire orphanage had sponsorship for 80 children from birth to the age of 18 that staggering cost would amount to $691,200.

The Solution.

The cost of the farm is only $12,000.

$12,000 is certainly much cheaper than $691,200.

Together, by building this farm, we provide 3 meals a day for 80 orphans at a fraction of the sponsorship cost. This farm will also be a source of revenue, resulting in it being self-funded. With a gift of $100, you can sponsor one of the land parcels and be a part of the solution by providing a way for an orphan to have shelter and food.

To apply now click here: https://www.easytithe.com/f/?k=6W2Q7FXXSZK4NC4B

To donate now  click here: https://www.easytithe.com/dl/

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Written by Brittany Norris

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