Fashion for a Cause

Have you ever realized that fashion pushes the limits? As if it has no boundaries? It’s bold and innovative-  and makes an impact everywhere you look. What if your love for fashion could create the same effect.

Tonight. 80,000 Cambodian women and girls will adorn themselves in the latest fashions. However, instead of going out for a carefree night- they will be sexually exploited and sent home with a stranger who has bought them for the night.

Now. Fashion has found it’s cause. A cause that is: bold, innovative, and even a little provocative. Fashion is impacting the realities of victims of sex trafficking.

You can create change in the lives of these Cambodian women. Through the purchase of a Go Accessory you can be a part of a bold and innovative movement to help women escape the sex industry.

100% of proceeds from Fashion for a Cause go to stopping the sexual exploitation of women.

Items: Single Feather Earring: $10 A Pair of Feather Earrings: $17

To place an order please contact: Include your name, order, address, and specify pick up/delivery (by mail). Once your order has been submitted, you will be contacted with a confirmation, preference of payment method, and delivery date.

Once you have received your feathers- send us a photo of you wearing your “Fashion for a Cause”.

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