Cambodia - Day 1

Early morning risers, the Go team woke up early and headed out to a village for their first day of ministry. Excitement filled the air as the team passed through the busy streets knowing that they were about to enter a village that may have never been visited by Christians who are spreading the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. Side conversations in the vans were filled with team members expressing how excited they were to play with the village children and minister to the people.

As the team approached the village, villagers waved by the side and followed the vans to the stopping point. There, the team unloaded and found themselves in front of a quaint Cambodian home, where waiting for them was a crowd full of men, women, and children. It wasn't long before the team pulled out face paints, watercolors, and bubbles in order to entertain the children. There was an invasion of smiles as young and old alike, were laughing and giggling alongside the Go Team. Little did the villagers know that the fun was only beginning; the Go team was about to reveal carnival they had set up. One could say that the carnival is essentially a "mobile Disneyland". Laughter filled the air as the team and the villagers were bonding over "Putt Putt" and "Pin the Tail on the Monkey".

After the carnivals, the team performed several dramas for the crowd that had gathered. While some of the dramas were humorous, others presented the gospel message in a compelling way. A stillness fell over the crowd as they watched the story of Jesus Christ unfold. Moved by these dramas, one could see it in the eyes of many of the villagers that truth was being revealed. Today, lives were changed, as several Cambodians gave their lives to Christ.

Packing up their bags, the team continued on to another village where they conducted another carnival as well as a youth service. As the vans headed back to the hotel for the night, the team chit chatted amongst themselves exchanging stories of their day and connections with different children and villagers... change has come. However, not just in the lives of the Cambodians, but in the lives of those on the team. A stirring is occurring in the hearts of 27 individuals- a stirring to see the love of Jesus be spread around the world.

Today was the beginning of something beautiful. Today, lives were changed because a few Americans decided to spend time in a nation that needed hope. Today, lives were changed because a few nurses and doctors gave medical attention to those in pain.

Tonight, our team goes to bed knowing that they are fulfilling the mandate of Christ: to go into the utter most bounds of the earth and "make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you" (Matthew 28.18).

The story continues tomorrow...

Written By: Lindsey Clark Photos By: Lindsey Clark