Ecuador: Home Stretch

We are almost there!  Help us launch the Go South American Base by joining the Operational Support Team.  Be one of 21 people to join the team in the next 21 days and the team will be complete!

Since we first announced our plan to move to Ecuador and launch a mission base last April so much has been accomplished.  We liquidated the majority of Go International’s office equipment, leased our home, sold a large portion of our possessions, and have had many people step up and join the Operational Support Team to help us launch the base.  We are now right at 3 weeks away from our arrival in Ecuador!

We are very excited about this new season we are about to step into!  Of course it is full of many questions (as can be expected when moving overseas) but we are confident that this is the right step for us and Go  Over the years we have had much success experimenting with various outreaches to engage people in conversations about faith and we look forward to experimenting with how best to engage with a foreign culture on a daily basis and point people to Jesus.

When we first launched Go Internship and Go Missions, we  also faced many questions and unknowns, but as we took daily steps of obedience we charted our way and we are confident we will do the same in launching this base.

Since the beginning of Go, it has always been bigger than Greg & Christa Baca.  We have always seen ourselves as fellow journeyers with partners, staff, interns, and friends seeking to proclaim the name of Jesus and shine His light in the dark.  The same is true today, this move is not about the Baca’s and can only happen with a team of people joined together to see the Gospel shared throughout South America.  Will you consider joining with us to launch the South American Base by committing to partner with us on a monthly basis for a term of one year?  There are 21 spots that remain on the Operational Support Team before funding is complete.  Many of the spots are available at just over $1 a day.  Thank you for your help in charting out this new season for Go

Journeying Together,

Greg & Christa Baca

Below is a chart that represents our total funding to date.  Choose which spot you would like on the team by clicking the banner below: