Where are they now?


faces forever

     People. They are everywhere, we are constantly surrounded by the hustle and bustle of people. When you wait in line at the grocery store or when you are crammed up against a stranger on a Nicaraguan bus, you are always seeing people. Seeing another life, a person who has dreams, family, beliefs, problems and a story; but we do not always stop to listen or take the time to meet them. What changes that? One moment. Once you have one moment with someone, that means something to you, they are hard to forget. Once you hear someone’s story or even just their laugh, you can remember it forever. 

I want to be one of those people that meets people. I want to find out what their dream is, where they came from, why they think the way the do. I live for those moments of connection. I live here in Nicaragua, everyday trying to make a connection with a kid or someone I meet so that I can tell them about Jesus or just lend them a helping hand. I love those moments that stick with you forever.

I had one of these encounters when i went to Haiti with GoInternational.tv back in February of last year. I met this boy at an orphanage and we did not speak much but words were not necessary. We played and laughed all day long. I could never forget that laugh. Thankfully my friend was around to capture a picture of us with one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. I treasure that picture because it takes me back to that moment. Today I was bored and searching through instagram and I saw that one of my friends liked a photo.. it just looked like a cute kid so I clicked on it. It was him. This friend was a friend of a friend who had also gone to the same orphanage in Haiti (it’s a small world after all, its a small, small world) How crazy is that? She posted a picture of my friend, Pushaun at the CAD orphanage in Haiti. Oh it made my heart so happy to see that he is doing well! I was flooded with memories of how we laughed together and how he held my hand outside the bus for almost 5 minutes before we drove a way. I will remember this boy for the rest of my life and I hope to create so many more of those moments with the people that I see all around me.

Here is the picture she posted:


isn’t he beautiful? how could I ever forget that face?!


Here is a picture I took with him a year and a half ago:



^goodness, that picture takes me right back to that day. I was so upset that Dave (Go International's Project Director) was making me leave. I just wanted to laugh with him for as long as possible. My heart is happy. I am so thankful that in my random Instagram scrolling I found that picture. :)


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