Outreach Ideas

The Dream Campaign meets the Backpack Drive

With the new school year right around the corner, Go International's apprentices partnered with Sanctuary Church in seizing the day to be a part of creating change in the Tulsa community. The Sanctuary team gathered 150 backpacks filled with a variety of school supply items and together Go and Sanctuary distributed the backpacks out to underpriveldged teens in the community. While distributing backpacks to the teens, the apprentices took the opportunity to inspire the teens through an interactive art exhibition called the “Dream Campaign”. The apprentices talked with the teens asking them: "What is your dream? What is it in life that excites you? What is that one thing that when you lie in bed at night and close your eyes, you see? What is that one thing which is so close to your heart that you couldn't imagine going through life without accomplishing it?" The teens had the opportunity to write down their dreams as they were encouraged by the Go team that they could accomplish their dreams. The Go Team shared with the teens that the dreams in their hearts were something that only they could accomplish. The teens were left inspired to not only stay in school, but to also work hard to accomplish their dreams. Change has come.

So here's the question- what are your dreams?