When our family sold everything to move to Quito in 2013 we knew that it would be a season of sacrifice to plant the mission base we saw in our heart.  Now over three years later, in addition to the work we do everyday in the city, we have successfully planted our church  ONE  as well as the Submerge leadership training program.  There are countless stories of lives that have been forever changed through both of these efforts and we are so encouraged as we embark on year four of our ministry in Quito, Ecuador. 

We have a need

Since we moved here, our family has relied on public transportation to carry out the work of the ministry.  As a family we have been in two car accidents because of the carelessness of taxi drivers.  As you know, Lucianna was born last January.  Up until this point she has been small enough to use an infant car seat that secures into a stroller when we arrive at our destination.  As she approaches her first birthday this will no longer be an option.  We do not feel that driving in a taxi without a car seat for her is a safe option.  

Would you consider making a one-time donation to help our family purchase a car to keep our family safe as we continue our work in Ecuador? On Tuesday December 1st our merchant account will be donating 100% of all funds raised without fees to help us secure this vehicle. Would you consider donating to help us reach our goal of $10,000 to purchase this much needed vehicle for our family and missions base? 

Thank you and God Bless. 

Greg and Christa Baca

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