I have known Greg and Christa Baca for almost 10 years and they have consistently demonstrated the Love of God in Words, Actions, and Life Commitments. Their dedication to mentor others is very refreshing and respected by everyone that knows them. Their dedication to serve the Lord is has been consist throughout all the time I knew them while living in the Tulsa Metro area and it is exciting to hear about this same dedication as they serve in Ecuador. Any prayer and financial support to assist them will be well utilized. My wife and I see them as good soil.
— Gary S. Tulsa, OK

At Go International we recognize that a donation is more than a dollar sign.  We understand that every dollar represents; time, creativity, and labor from each donor.  For this reason it is not the donation alone that we value, but rather the generous donors behind each donation.  The reality is, Go International could not have the reach we do without the generosity of our faithful donors.  We do not simply look for donations, we seek to build a team of people who believe in the mission of Go International and want to be part of that mission.