Snapshot: Go Weekend

The Submerge program is in full swing.  In typical Go International fashion we kicked off the program with our “Go Weekend”.  Some of you may recall our Go Weekend from our days of running the Go Internship. The weekend unfolds into a two-day experience where the team is led by a series of clues and challenges that represent the core values of Go International. Throughout the weekend the team learns more about the culture of Ecuador as well.  


We do these weekends because we believe that the team can absorb more about the culture of Go experientially than in a classroom setting.  Take for example one of our students Jordan Elmore who wrote about one of his experiences from the weekend in his blog:   


“ So the blindfold has been removed from my eyes, from my life. That night will forever stay embedded in my mind, and in my heart, of a push to be more, to do more to be a part of my own story, to not let my fears take the pen instead. The blindfold is gone. I can now see. And what I see is bright skies to come, with God giving me a new pen each day, saying “what will you write today that you will remember tomorrow, and ages to come?” That is what He says, and that is how I will live.”


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we invite you to check out our gallery below to see some photo’s of the weekend.


Thank you for your continued love and support.

It is making a difference.

Journeying together,

Greg and Christa Baca