A Note From Brown


My name is Anna Brown, but for years everyone has called me Brown. This is my first year at Go International and I’m enjoying it! I’ll be making a weekly blog of things going on at Go in my department, so be sure and check back!

Here's a little of my story:

When I graduated high school I wanted to go to college, get a boyfriend, and become a successful business person; not just successful for a girl, successful period. However, God began a trend of surprising me.

In the past I had been turned off by the general idea of missions. Every year I had the opportunity to do missions, and many of my friends would go, but after ninth grade I decided it wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time. Although I believed the heart and intentions were good, I had just written missions off as "Not my thing".

So the first surprise hit when God told me Go International was where I was supposed to spend my first year out of high school. I had explained, to more than one person, that "Sure it was a missions organization, but I'll probably be placed somewhere doing something really important, like, you know... business stuff." So surprise number two definitely made me eat my words when I was placed in the missions department!

As usual, God knows better than I do, and I ended up loving my department and what I was doing. The first month we learned all about the San Blas Islands and the Kunas (the people who reside there) and I couldn’t believe I was actually excited about going on a mission trip! More than that, I began to see the importance in missions and the difference it truly makes.

In the past it’s been easy to complain about how trips aren’t what they should be because of this or that, but this year I actually have the opportunity to make a trip exactly what I think it should be. So join me as I update about our efforts here at Go to make this the best summer trip ever!