Go Weekend: Overview

Each year the Go Internship kicks off with the Go Weekend. This is a 3-day event where the 1st year interns take an adventurous trip to experience unique challenges and overcome obstacles that represent the core values of the Go Internship. As each core value is revealed, the interns learn how to work together effectively while their personal leadership abilities are being stretched. Through various opportunities they learn how to tap into their creativity, to push their limits, and seek fresh ideas and new perspectives. A common statement made throughout the weekend is, “Never say I can’t, but ask yourself how can I?" During this time they quickly learn how to put 100% into everything they do as they pursue excellence. With that being said, this trip is also a great opportunity for the second year interns to put the creativity they’ve discovered from their past year into practice, as they custom make and create new ideas and challenges each year. Because of this, we are able to constantly better the experience, as we never settle to become comfortable with the previous year's layout. All in all, this exciting weekend is meant to show the vision of Go International and encourage the interns to actively pursue the direction that God has for them, 1st year and 2nd year interns alike.

Check back for more posts from the weekend.