Mystery Trip: REVEAL!

make avatar With an arrival time of 5 o'clock in the morning, the interns arrived with their suitcases in hand at the Go International offices anticipating the the long awaited reveal of the mystery. For months, the interns have been raising money for this mystery and guessing their destination. With their first clue received, the interns walked into the music room at the Go International offices to discover it had been transformed to South America. After a short "visit" to South America, the interns were escorted to their next continent, Antarctica, where they braved the cold weather and sifted through ice to discover their next clue. The journey continued, as the interns visited Asia, North America, Africa, Australia, and Europe. Although the journey through the seven continents riled up the interns with excitement, they were still clueless as to their destination. With 3 hours til the flight departure, the interns had one more stop to make before heading the the airport. After all, their destination was still unknown. After a series of challenges the interns were granted access to a to a key element, a video, that would reveal their destination. The interns watched the reveal video with wide eyes, hanging onto every word that appeared on the screen. The reveal announced that Go International would be going to a place home to 48 million people, with the highest number of people affected by aids in the world. The interns gasped as they clung to each other, tears began to fill their eyes as photographs of African orphans, African soil, and the South African Flag flashed across the screen. Jumping and screaming with excitement, the interns huddled in a circle as they cried with excitement for where they would be traveling to in less than 3 hours. Andrew Hunt, a first year intern, stated that he was "overwhelmed" and that this was the "greatest gift" he has ever received, his trip had just been paid for 48 prior to the reveal. As Kaylee, Hilary, and Lauren piled into the car to get to the airport, still in shock the girls eyes were still filled with tears as they continued repeating "We're going to Africa!!" The three girls explained that over the last few months, the Lord had heavily laid the continent on their hearts and that they had a burning desire to visit and work with the people there. For many of the Go Interns, Mystery Trip's journey to South Africa is the start of their dreams becoming a reality.