Mystery Trip Update: Day 4

“I’m able to look beyond my own judgments of others now.” “You brought me relief. Now I can move on and I know there are people that care about me.” "I’m so proud to be a part of what we’re doing.” These few quotes are just a glimpse into the everyday endeavors of the Go intern team while in South Africa. This Tuesday, ministry was redefined as the interns made their way through the streets of Cape Town, one of the most influential cities in South Africa. Bringing the Dream Campaign to new terrain, the Go team once again spread the love of Jesus in a new and refreshing way. Smiling faces flocked around the cameras as the locals had their dreams reawakened while participating in this powerful campaign. Just getting started, they finished their work to continue with a brand new ministry project entitled: The Forgiven Movement. The movement was designed to create an opportunity to share God's message of love and forgiveness in a unique way. Micah 7:19 states that because of His mercy God will "cast all our sins into the bottom of the sea". The Go Team, invited individuals to put pen to paper, and write down what they needed forgiveness for or who they needed to forgive, and then put the message in a bottle which would be emptied and tossed into the sea. Walking along the boardwalk of the V&A Waterfront, Go Interns invited the people they encountered to join in this movement. Once complete strangers, the Cape Town natives opened up their lives and expressed their desire for forgiveness. Many powerful stories were created during this new ministry. Revisiting the Dream Campaign on the V&A Waterfront, the team opened up the hearts of many new faces while they expressed their dreams. The clock struck 9, but the night was not over for the interns. Go International strives to imitate Christ in all areas of our lives, including the way we do ministry. If one were to look at the patterns of Christ's ministry while on earth, one would discover that Jesus spent time in the "unexpected" places, building relationships with those who were in need of His love and grace. The interns were given an opportunity to do ministry just as Jesus did through a new ministry project, Light the Night. The interns headed out for the night to a local pool hall to hang out with the young locals and build relationships. Over a few games of pool and one or two cokes, the interns were able to breathe life into those that they met. Arriving back to "home base", the interns were chatting about not only how much fun they had, but also about the divine conversations they had throughout the night. God only knows who will be impacted in these next few days, but if today is any sign of the upcoming future, we consider ourselves to be very fortunate.

The story of the mystery continues, tomorrow.