Speaker of the Week: Jamie Saunders

This past week, Jamie Saunders, an international missionary and consultant, sat down with the interns and simply discussed their dreams with them. Taking their questions and providing very knowledgeable feedback, he helped the interns visualize their dreams and goals in an enthusiastic and practical manner. Although many subjects crossed the discussion table, there were a couple of key points that were made many times: No matter what dream you have, simple or complex, there is a key ingredient we all need for it’s success- money. Knowing this from personal experience, Mr. Saunders followed with a second, more compelling statement: “With or without money, you’ll always need the Creative Process. Even if you had money, without the creative process, you would probably spend the money on things you don’t need,” he continued. In return to all of his helpful questions, the interns began directing some of their own towards Mr. Saunders. After carefully answering them, he finished his time by telling the team stories from his life and once again encouraging the interns to pursue their dreams. It was a refreshing time, reminding the team of their value and their responsibility in this life.