Go Geographic by Brittany Norris

The annual Mystery Mission Trip is something every Go Intern looks forward to being a part of. Last year the interns first stop was Cambodia where they visited several villages of Kampong Thom, bringing the the gospel in the form of dramas. One day, while in a village, the team was introduced to a woman who had just lost her husband 5 days previously. The translator explained that she was expressing her dream to move to the village we were in, along with her children, and away from their disease ridden community that took the life of her husband. Her reasoning went even deeper than that. She wanted so badly to move from their predominately Buddhist village to this specific village that was home to the local Christian church so that her sons would not be raised in the pagodas and instead, would be under the influence of the Christian church. She had been unable to relocate because of her financial situation. After the Go team heard of her need, we rallied together, and within 5 min, all the funds were raised for her to have a new hut built, which was even bigger than she had anticipated! All it took was two hundred and fifty six U.S. dollars, and she was able to have her desire met. Our team had not planned on being in that village that day, but God knew her and her family were in need, and He is the master of setting up divine appointments; even though the Mystery Trip was left a mystery to the interns, God knew all along not only where we were going, but why we were going there. Don’t miss the opportunities He’s setting up in your daily life, it may not be penciled into your schedule, but rest assured you’ll be blessed for making the time.

Written by Brittany Norris Photo by Katie O'Toole