Cambodia - Day 2

There is something absolutely beautiful about music: it transcends language. This morning, the Go Team had the opportunity to attend a Cambodian church service, where they entered together in worship with a church full of Cambodian believers. There were no fancy lights, no elegant decor, just four walls and a roof and a room full of believers entering into worship. Though everything about the surroundings were simple, the presence of God was there. United together by the love for their Savior, the Cambodians and Americans danced and sang praises that filled the whole village.

As worship came to a close, Christa Baca, co-founder of Go International, took an opportunity to breathe life into the Cambodian church, challenging them to pursue the dreams that God has placed in their hearts. What the world needs to day is dreamers, not lofty dreamers, but dreamers who dream of a better world. Dreamers who do not merely dream selfish dreams, but dream for the sake of others. As Americans, most of us live in a culture where we are encouraged to pursue our dreams, however, for many Cambodians this is not the case. However, today marked a new day, full of new beginnings. Today, Cambodians both young and old alike made the decision to start living out their dreams. As the service ended, there was a freshness in the air; dreams were being awakened. It was evident that change was occurring in the hearts of the beautiful people of Cambodia.

Though the service had come to a close, the day was only just beginning. After the service, the team spent time playing with the children from the orphanage. As bubbles and balloons showered the atmosphere, the team and the children bonded. Everywhere you looked there were little Cambodian children hanging onto members of the team. The children were getting special attention as the team played games and danced in the street with them. However, it'd be safe for one to assume that more was happening than meets the eye. As conversations continue between the team members, it is evident that God has been softening the hearts of the team members for the fatherless. God is in the process of breaking the hearts of 27 individuals for what breaks His.

With several hours left before sundown, the team continued on their trek through the villages. Where they continued to spread the love of the Savior to the villagers through dramas, carnivals, and medical clinics. With each village that the team attends, there is a fresh excitement that comes to spread hope to those who have lost hope, to bring love to those who feel abandoned, and renewal to the brokenhearted.

It is truly beautiful to see the team come together as one, with pure hearts and one vision in mind. The team is creating change in their every movement and lives are being transformed.

The story continues tomorrow...

Written By: Lindsey Clark