After creating a variety of innovative campaigns...

Over the years we have sought to challenge ourselves with innovative ways to proclaim the Gospel message to the world.  It has been a blast experimenting with new methods of engaging in conversations about faith with various cultures around the world.  Whatever our method, the goal has always remained to point people towards Christ.  Below are just a few of the outreaches and campaigns we’ve developed over the years.

Night of Refuge: It was on the Mystery Trip in Bangkok, Thailand when we first conceived of the Night of Refuge.  While there, we were told that there were over 10,000 sex workers in a square mile radius.  Many of these girls were not there by choice but had been sold into the brothels of the city by their families in outlying rural areas.  When you first hear news like this it is shocking and somewhat paralyzing.  Where do you begin?  How can you possibly make a difference?  As a team we talked it over and decided that while we may not be able to reach all of these girls, we could reach some of them, so we purposed to do whatever we could.

After several hours of brainstorming we came up with Night of Refuge.  The concept was simple.  We thought, “These girls are being purchased by who knows what kind of men every night, and being used and abused.  What if we could purchase them for the night to introduce them to a man named Jesus that could take their guilt, shame, and burdens from them?"  This was not to be a “church service” but rather a party.  We rented out a banquet hall and had food catered in.  We then ordered flowers for each of the girls and planned a night full of games and fun which would conclude with us sharing the Gospel with them.

This first Night of Refuge went better than we could have possibly imagined.  We were able to pay for 31 girls to participate in the banquet and 17 of them made a decision to follow Christ that night.  We worked with a local ministry that provided a safe home, and vocational training for women who were seeking to get out of the lifestyle they were in.  For one sweet girl we were her very first "client" and she made a decision that night not to return to her new profession.

This last summer we held our 2nd Night of Refuge while in Cambodia.  This event was even bigger than the first as we rented out a party boat and had over 100 women join us for the night.  Check out the pictures of our Cambodia Night of Refuge above.

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Dream Campaign We created the Dream Campaign in 2009 for our annual Mystery Mission Trip. Knowing that traditional “drama in the streets” would not work; we began looking for a non-cliche way in which to provide ministry outlets for our upcoming trip to Europe. It was from this that the dream campaign was born. Since it’s inception, the Dream Campaign has taken place in Rome, Paris, London, Panama, Haiti, South Africa, Thailand, Cambodia and the United States.

The Campaign is simple; simply go somewhere where there is a lot of people and ask them to take part in an art campaign and write down their dream, then take a photo of them holding their dream. On the back of the “Dream Sheet” is a short inspiring message which encourages people to live their dreams and has a short prayer that they can pray to begin to get to know the one who gave them their dream.

World Wide Canvas

As a global civilization, we are faced with many staggering problems and escalating uncertainties. With the threat of war, racisim and economic challenges; it's easy to find reasons to be divided. It is with this in mind that we have created The World Wide Canvas Project.  The World Wide Canvas Project is a global art project that will span the globe.  Renowned artists will travel to various nations to paint a larger-than-life mural depicting the love of God.  Our first canvas was installed in June, 2009 in collaboration with live4this art studio in Panama City, Panama. Future World Wide Canvas projects will continue this global mural in other nations around the world.  The result: an international canvas project, when pieced together, will depict a powerful message of love, unity, and hope. Our hope is that through each installment of the mural, this project will join nations across the globe using a medium that touches the entire human race; the love and appreciation of art.  Check out some highlights from our inaugural canvas in Panama:

Orphan for a Night

Orphan for a Night is an event that was birthed out of the desire to bring change to the realities of global orphans. During our travels, we saw a need and felt as if it was our duty as believers to fill it.

OFN, a thought provoking event, calls individuals to leave the comfort and warmth of their homes to spend a night in the elements and share in the reality that the most destitute of orphans face each day: homelessness.

Groups gather together with a goal of raising $3,000 to build an orphanage that will house ten orphans who are in need of a home. Each person who pledges to be part of the night raises funds to participate in the event.  We have held Orphan for a Night's in several states across the country.


You won't believe what's next...

It has been our great joy to be part of reaching so many people though these creative campaigns.  Always what is so impacting for us, is seeing how these campaigns effect not only the lives of the people we minister to but our own lives as well.  There are many faces and stories of people around the world who will forever be engrained on our hearts.

There are many new ideas stirring in our hearts for this next season of Go and we CAN'T WAIT to share them with you! But, we will have to wait until Friday, April 27th at 9:00pm CST for that!  If you want to be the first to know what's next for Go International be sure to  subscribe to the Go E Newsletter by clicking on the banner below.

There’s still a whole lot of ideas to come,

Greg and Christa