Earlier this week Go launched a new web based campaign called "go_inspiration". The concept of this campaign is to inspire people through the use of art. At the beginning of each week we are going to have a featured artist who will create a lead inspirational piece (photography, design, typography, drawing/sketch, etc.) that will correspond with a theme. Throughout the rest of the week we invite others to join in the campaign and show us their creative interpretation of the topic.

People will load images to IG and hashtag them #go_inspiration. On Sunday at 5pm EST the week's featured artist will choose their favorite design and that design will go live on our website with a corresponding article the following Monday. At the end of the year we will compile all the artists work into an inspirational book called #go_inspiration. It’s always been a passion of ours to give artists a platform by which to share their faith. We believe God’s beauty and nature can be displayed through artistic expression.

Take a look at some of the current entries and read below how you can submit your entry.  Sunday at 5pm EST this week's featured artist will choose the winning design to be featured in an inspirational book.

The first featured artist helping us kick off the campaign is @justinkila with his interpretation of “One Life”.

Q & A @go_international: Tell us about your design. @justinkila: This design features @dodgepangburn. It's a split image of dodge portraying life on one side, death on the other, something we all must face, and inch closer to every minute of the day.

@go_international: What does "one life" mean to you? @justinkila: The fact that no one escapes death should put a perspective on your life. It should put a sense of urgency to do the most you can with what you have, wherever you are. The only thing that stays behind when you die is your legacy, and how you affected the people in your life.

@go_international: What programs were used to create this? @justinkila: This was all done in photoshop.

@go_international: Where do you find your inspiration? @justinkila: Inspiration comes in so many different forms. I think one of the biggest causes for a creative block is thinking that there are only certain places to find inspiration. It's not just blogs or art exhibits or books. I usually get inspired by other people, whether they're an artist or not. Everyone has something to contribute to the world in a unique and specific way that no one else can. The more you open your mind for more sources of inspiration, chances are you'll end up inspiring others.


JOIN US: To enter follow @go_international on IG and load your image with the hashtag #go_inspiration. On Sunday, the featured artist will select their favorite design from the feed and that design will go live on our website with a corresponding article the following Monday. To be selected as a winner you must follow @go_international and use only original art and photos. We look forward to seeing your posts!

To follow @go_international on Instagram CLICK HERE, also be sure to follow @justinkila.


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