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This week's#go_inspiration featured artist is @flyboy11 (AKA: Nathan Yoder) with his interpretation of  “Thankful”. @Flyboy11 is a graphic designer and illustrator for Hampton Creative.  You can checkout some of his amazing hand drawn illustrations on his Instagram Feed or by following him on Tumblr.

We recently visited with @flyboy11 about his design for this latest installment of #go_inspiration:

@go_International: Tell us about your design

@flyboy11:  With every design I do, I try to incorporate some kind of action into both the visual and contextual elements of the piece. I believe that our lives shouldn't be static but that they should be constantly moving forward and encouraging others to do the same. I want my artwork to prompt the same response in people.

That being said, I wanted to look at the theme of thankfulness from a slightly different angle then what might have been the obvious. A lot of us, including myself, get wrapped up in what they feel is entitled to them and it turns them cold against the people around them whether they see it or not. When we hit this place we stop moving. We settle on what we think is ours and point out the flaws in people rather than building them up and realizing their true worth. The things in life that we should be most grateful for lose their luster against the myriad of other things that pull for our attention and promise us more happiness than they are capable of giving.

Pride is the result of all of this. An unhealthy view of ourselves. A thankful heart destroys that way of thinking. Literally. It doesn't take long to sit down and truly realize how good we have it. Even if your life is seemingly in shambles, the mere fact that we have a God that loves us despite ours most disgusting of failures and died for us to break us free of that burden is enough. Thankfulness doesn't leave room for a selfish way of thinking. It shoots through pride and propels us forward to what God has for us... Sooo thankfulness is the arrow.

"Blessed are the  meek, for they  shall inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5 ESV)

@go_International: What programs did u use to design this?

@flyboy11:  My hand, a sharpie, a scanner, and photoshop. In that order haha

@go_International:  Where do you find your inspiration?

@flyboy11: I find my inspiration just about everywhere I look. But probably the greatest source would be nature. There's nothing like a good bike ride or walk in the woods to slow things down and help me clear my head. I feel like nature is the clear pallet that I can always go back to. Make something simple before you try to make it fancy. When things get crazy busy, I find myself trying to simplify everything on top of an already complicated platform. The outdoors helps with that. I also secretly have a fascination for poetry. More so for writing it than reading it. I usually try to build what's being said in each piece like its a song. I like to look at each piece like a song being visualized. Plus, if I can be creative with how something is being said on top of how it's being displayed, it's a win win.


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