Go Snapshot: Go International Documentary and Other Exciting Updates

Things here in Ecuador couldn’t be going better.  We are exactly one week away from our first Submerge team arriving.  Last night we hosted a conference call with all of our new team and everyone is truly excited about this new season they are about to begin.

Almost ten years ago when Christa and I first launched Go International there were 3 main components we envisioned for Go; short term mission trips, an internship program, and international missions bases.  For over ten years we have been doing short term missions, we graduated 6 classes of the Go Internship program, and now we continue on in the vision with the launch of Submerge and establishing our first international base.

Our goal is that through Submerge countless lives will be changed here in Ecuador but also that the lives of our Submerge team will be forever changed.  Our hope is that a passion for people and for the world will be cultivated in the hearts of our team and as a result their lives will continue to shine the love of God in the dark corners of the earth.

This week we hired two new staff members; a part time cook who will prepare one hot meal per day for the team, and a full time administrative assistant who is a bilingual native of Quito who will help us coordinate ministry, translate, and provide Spanish lessons for Submerge.

Thank you for your support of Go International, it means so much to both Christa and I.

Journeying Together,

The Baca’s

Go International Documentary A few weeks back we received a phone call from a Media Company in the States.  They expressed to us a desire to produce a documentary on Go International, the launch of Submerge, and the various ministry we will be doing here in Ecuador.  Filming has already begun in the form of interviews of some of our team members as they prepare to leave the country for the next 3 months.  We trust that God will use this film to share the message of Christ with a broader audience.


Speaking Engagements On Sunday we had the opportunity to share in 2 church services at Iglesia Libertad.  We shared a message called “Radiate: Light Your World”, where we spoke of the principles of sharing your faith that we’ve learned through the various outreaches we’ve done around the world.  On Wednesday we were invited back to OneHeart and we talked to the students about moving from being a “victim” to a “victor”.  (Basically, how you can choose to overcome your circumstances instead of allowing them to limit you.)


Zion's 3rd Birthday Last Saturday we celebrated Zion’s 3rd birthday Ecuadorian style!  It was so nice to have so many of our friends come out and show their love for Z.  All his best friends are in their 20’s, I think in his mind they’re the same age.  He has been asking for a circus room ever since watching the movie Madagascar, so Christa and I bought some fabric and we put our design skills to use and created the circus tent-bed canopy pictured above.  He LOVES it!