For more than fourteen years Go International has been taking people on mission trips around the world and training leaders through a variety of programs. Close to a thousand people have gone on trips or participated in these programs. While each trip and program session were unique experiences, it’s easy for the individual stories to be lost. It’s also easy to forget that every single story was made possible because someone, somewhere, gave a gift. Today we are launching the #MyGoStory Campaign in an effort to do two things: 1) Remember the many things God has done over the years by sharing our missions stories. 2) Raise funds for the Go International missions base in Ecuador so that more stories can continue to unfold in 2018. If you have been on a trip with Go International or you simply want to support missions, please join #MyGoStory Campaign by doing the following:

  1. Make a donation of any amount to help fund the Go International Ecuador missions base in 2018. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

  2. Share your #MyGoStory (any missions story) on social media.

  3. Encourage your followers to join you in donating.

  4. Tag three Go Alumni or people who simply love missions, and nominate them to join the #MyGoStory Campaign.