Go International is a collaborative movement to impact the world. 

Established in 2003, we are a non-profit organization that seeks to inspire people to fully experience the life they were created to live. Through global initiatives and local campaigns we seek to serve others and reflect the creativity in all we do. Whether it’s bringing fresh water to a tribe in Panama or chatting with college students about life over a cup of coffee, our hope is that we can enrich the lives of those around us and compel them to discover their purpose in life.  

Church Planting

We believe that the local church is where God is moving through our generation. It was with this in mind that we founded ONE INTERNATIONAL, a church planting movement to reach the world. Our emphasis


This generation faces a problem that no other has faced before: They find themselves more socially connected with the world around them through things like: instagram, facebook, twitter, texting, etc. Yet, many find themselves feeling more disconnected and uninspired with life than ever before.  Disillusioned by their passions and dreams, numbed by media and entertainment, many trudge through life knowing the greatness that is on the inside of them but not knowing how to unearth it.  Through the use of creative campaigns, public speaking, media initiatives and blogging we strive to bridge cultures, build community, spark conversations, and create meaningful dialogue . It is our passion to stir the hearts of people and cause them to realize the potential that lies deep within.


One of the most important aspects of what we do is our mission trips. From providing international relief for earthquake victims to hosting medical teams- we believe that meeting human need on a basic level is one of the most impacting things we can do in the world.

We also have established a base of International operations in Quito, Ecuador where we do weekly projects with children who are trafficked, juvenile detention center and a variety of other projects. 

All of our trips combine several important elements: 

PARTNERSHIPS:  One of the most important questions we ask ourselves when tackling a project is, "Is this sustainable? Will our work here last?" It is with this in mind that we seek to partner with organizations on the ground who can continue the work that we began.  Continued follow-up and a commitment to building long term relationships are two of the requirements we have with any of our partners. 

EDUCATION: There’s a saying you’ve probably heard, “If you give a man a fish you can feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish you can feed him for a lifetime.” It is our desire to train and equip people with the tools necessary to live a full life.  This can take many forms such as coupling our medical trips with educators who take time to train hygiene during our clinics or teaching business classes to women who are no longer involved in the sex-trafficking industry. 


One of the mos





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