Our outreach mission is simple:

to inspire people to fully experience the life that God has created them to live. That takes many shapes and forms whether that is bring fresh water to a tribe in panama or educating trafficked children in the city of Quito.

We believe that the world needs committed people who will seek to find innovative ways to share this message with others. We do this through cutting edge outreaches and provocative campaigns which challenge and inspire people to realize that their life is meant for a purpose and that purpose can only be found in God.

Our outreach team is a creative group of individuals passionate about impacting lives and sharing this message of hope with others. We strive to bridge cultures, to build community, and to meet basic needs through our humanitarian projects.


Over the years Go International has championed a variety of humanitarian projects. We believe that by meeting the most basic human needs people have you can open the gateway to their hearts for the gospel message. Go has hosted a variety of medical mission trips which are coupled with our Hygiene Education Clinics which show local people how to prevent the most common diseases they face. Our teams have done construction projects for churches and orphanages and schools. We have foraged a project to bring the first fresh water source to several tribes in Panama. Our innovative approach to help victims of human trafficking has assisted children and women in several nations.

If you would like to partner with Go on one of our humanitarian efforts please contact us. 


Art. It speaks without words.

It has the ability to transcend cultural and language barriers, communicating directly to the heart.  At Go International, we believe that sharing our faith shouldn’t be religious, but should be part of a natural dialogue. It is our aim to demonstrate the Love of God in an approachable, normal, and yes-- even cool way.  Through the use of creative campaigns and innovative outreaches we strive to bridge cultures, build community, spark conversations, and create meaningful dialogue . It is our passion to stir the hearts of people and cause them to realize the potential that lies deep within.

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