What will the typical daily schedule look like?

While schedules vary based on ministry opportunities, the normal week for Submegre is: Tuesday - Friday:  classes and ministry.
Saturday: ministry
Sunday & Monday:  Days off. 
Our daily schedule begins with classes Tuesday- Friday and ministry in the afternoons and/or evening.  On Saturdays we connect with local churches for outreaches and campaigns throughout the city.

Submerge is an overseas experience, but what if I don’t want to be a missionary?

Go International is continually evolving and while we do have a missions emphasis, the Submerge program is not wholly focused on it.  Our hope is that we could redefine the term “Missionary” to be less about geography and more about people who go into their world fully understanding their mission in life. We believe that each of us has a mission that we must discover; unearth, and use our skills in that field to bring change in our world.  Our curriculum is focused on helping you define your mission and providing you with skills to help you accomplish it.

For those whose mission is to serve overseas, what better way  to learn than by living on the mission field?  By efficiently training missionaries overseas,  we hope eradicate the stall-out  that comes in-between training and moving internationally.  Many of those students who feel a call towards living overseas will have access to prospective ministry opportunities upon graduating with our various ministry affiliates.

How long does the program run?

Submerge is a 7 month program beginning January 20, 2014 and ending in August 8, 2014.

What is the cost of the program?

Tuition:  $2,450. 

Living Expenses:  The cost of monthly housing, transportation and food is $650 a month.

What kind of computer and software do I need?

A current model laptop with wifi capacity is required to attend.   Adobe Photoshop version 6 or higher is needed in order to participate in graphic design classes.

Can I have a job while enrolled in Submerge?

International Students: No. You will be visiting the country on a visa that does not allow you to work while you are in the country.  

National Students: No. The Subemrge schedule is such that you will not have time to hold another job while attending.

Can I attend other forms of schooling while enrolled in Submerge?

Some of our students have opted to take online classes while enrolled in Submegre. However, as a member of Submerge you are required to attend all events so studies  would need to take place during your free time.

As a Submerge team member, will I be able to participate in any GO International mission trips?

As a team member, you will have the opportunity to participate on a number of mission trips. These trips are optional.  

Is Go International associated with a church or ministry?

We are not affiliated with any specific church or ministry, although we work with many.

What if I have already been to Bible School or College?

You are welcome in the program regardless of whether or not you have graduated from Bible School or college. Submerge is geared towards practical learning and life application. Some of our current team members are Bible school and/or college graduates. Also, many of the students who have previously attended school find that the program enriches their education by providing them with a unique practical outlet for what they have already learned.

How old do I need to be to join Submerge?

The program is open to people ages 18-28.

What is included in the price?

Tuition of $2,450 covers the cost of all of your classes and program curriculum for the entire 7 months.

Monthly fee of $650 covers the following; furnished apartment equipped with high speed internet, local cell phone, transportation to all Go International functions, three meals per day including one meal that is cooked for you each weekday. You will want to bring some extra cash for snacks, travel outside of ministry, souvenirs and sightseeing.

Do I Have to Get Vaccines?

Vaccines: There are no required vaccines to visit Ecuador.  However, the State Department recommends that you be up to date on all of your basic inoculations.  For additional recommendations please refer to the Center for Disease Control website and consult with your personal health care provider for updated information on what inoculations you may need for the trip.

Will I have a cell phone?

Cell Phones:  Upon arrival you will be provided with use of a local cell phone loaded with a set number of minutes which is intended to be used for communicating to team members, arranging logistics, and in case of emergency.  At your discretion you may choose to purchase additional minutes and text messages.

Smart Phones: If you have a smart phone in the U.S. you may find it useful to have with you here when wifi is available.  There are many great apps that make communicating back to the states very convenient.  You may consider purchasing an online Skype number and subscribing to a U.S. unlimited plan.  This will allow you to make and receive unlimited calls to and from the U.S. for approximately $6.99 per month plus the cost of purchasing the Skype Number.  Visit Skype.com for details.

Do I need International Insurance?

International Insurance: It is required that you have an international insurance plan prior to your arrival on the ground.  If you are currently insured your coverage may already extend internationally.  Please check with your provider and if you are indeed covered we will need you to fax us a proof of insurance prior to your arrival.  If you do not have an international insurance plan you can purchase one here:  http://www.missiontripinsurance.com