To some people the phrase "live your dreams" sounds more cliche than realistic.  Most of our lives we are told to “Grow up. Quit dreaming. Pull your head out of the clouds and get a grip.” What if there was a different way to live? What if you truly could live your dream?  Imagine if you could discover your passion, learn how to walk it out, and use it to touch the world?  We invite you to Submerge, a multi month South American experience that combines mission projects, creativity, and classroom training.




At Submerge we are passionate about training people to achieve the dreams that are inside their hearts. Combined with passionate teaching and practical application, Submerge will give you the tools that you need to cause the dreams in your heart to become a reality. Below are some of the main areas of emphasis of the program:



Most people think it’s reserved for artists and dancers, but we believe it’s a necessity for anyone who wants to be successful in life. You’ll receive training on creative thinking and brainstorming and you’ll be able to put it into practice on a daily basis. Sure you’ll get to try your hand at the artistic stuff, master the basics of Photoshop and web design; but what we are talking about here is more than just art, it’s a lifestyle.


We are committed to training leaders to impact this generation. We believe that God has called each of us to become a leader. As a Submerge team member you’ll participate in leadership classes and learn directly from some of today’s ministry and business leaders. You will have real-life opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills as you apply all that you learn.



At Submerge, we are all about giving you what you need to thrive. We focus on the practical. Stuff you can reach out and touch. It’s personal finance. It’s setting goals for yourself and having people around you help you achieve them. It’s stepping out in big ways towards your dream. Complete with a reading track and meetings with Christian leaders and successful businessmen; it’s education meets hands-on experience.


¿Habla español?

In addition to the work you do, you will also receive Spanish and Cultural classes to help you get the most out of your overseas experience. Our goal at Go International is to give you a true sense of life outside of the American bubble. From taxi rides, to visits to the mercado and fruit stands you will be submerged in the South American lifestyle.

You can’t live in South America unless you pack in a few adventures, right? The Submerge experience includes what we call “Intentional Downtime”. (Basically, we carve out time for you to meet friends and have lots of cool adventures.) During your downtime, venture out and play with some monkeys in a nearby rainforest, straddle both sides of the hemisphere at the equator line, tour the city and visit historic Old Town, shop in local markets, or even climb one of the many nearby volcanoes.


The Submerge team is made up of a select group of individuals ready to serve with all their heart. Our goal is to create a true sense of community amongst the team giving it a family feel.  At Go, we are firm believers in the notion of doing life together. We seek to work hard and play hard together. We are confident that you will make lifelong friendships with the members of your Submerge team.



While traditional schooling focuses on memorization, tests, and grades, Submerge is designed to teach you practical skills through learning as well as implementation. Training is focused on providing you with what you need for the real world. Each day you will get hands on experience as you take part in a growing and thriving missions organization, Go Not only will you learn practical skills that will help you out in your own life, you also will be part of making a huge difference in the lives of others.




At Submerge, we seek to strike the balance between inspiration, information, and practical implementation. The daily structure of the program is reflective of those values. A typical day can be divided into three components which we like to call Inspire, Equip, Create.  



INSPIRE: motivation for growth

Your day will  begin with Inspire Class. These classes  are centered around developing you as a person and designed to encourage you to achieve your best.  You will be challenged each day as you receive relevant teaching in a variety of subjects.  Classes are taught in a “round table environment”, in which discussion and questions are welcome; because we believe that you learn the most when you engage in a topic through conversation.  One of the highlights of the Inspire Class is the weekly guest speaker.  You will learn directly from today’s top leaders including; film makers, motivational speakers, musicians, media executives, ministers, and businessmen.  At Submerge our goal is to challenge you, inspire you, and give you the tools you need that will propel you towards the life of your dreams.

EQUIP: the tools you need to create the life of your dreams

Have you ever been inspired but didn’t know how to put it into practice?  While our Inspire Classes are meant to cultivate your growth as an individual, Equip Classes are meant to take the inspiration you receive and harness it into direct results. These classes are designed to sharpen and develop your creative skill set, giving you the tools you need to excel in any work environment.  Centered around foundational tools for success, the skills you learn in class will translate into direct results for your life.

Some of the subjects taught:






Personal Finance

Project Management



Public Speaking and Communication

Graphic Design


Time Management

Harnessing the Power of Today’s Technology



CREATE: bring change to others

As a member of the Submerge team you will work with Go International in the "Radiate" department. It is in this department that outreaches are conceived and carried out. We believe that sharing our faith shouldn’t be religious, but should be part of a natural dialogue. It’s a much different approach than the standard question of “If you were to die tonight where would you go?”.  It is our aim to empower you with tools that will  allow you to demonstrate the Love of God in an approachable, normal, and yes-- even cool way. Every week you will come together with your team to dream about creative ways to reach our city.  Together, we will create and implement these outreaches and creative campaigns.  Click here to see some of our past campaigns. 

At Go International we believe in shining God’s love in the darkest of places and bringing hope to those who desperately need it most. During your submerge experience you will participate in a wide array of ministry such as; ministry in orphanages, schools, prisons, colleges, as well as sharing in local churches and more.  Click here to see some of our most recent campaigns. 

Your efforts will be in partnership with a church planting team here in South America.  You will play an intricate part in raising up and discipling leaders in the church through the close relationships you will form.





It is our goal to make your time overseas as straightforward and cost effective as possible.

Flight: Since Submerge team members will be flying out of all different locations, the easiest way to facilitate air travel is for each member to take care of their own flight. Our staff will be happy to help you coordinate your travel.

Program Tuition:
Tuition for Submerge is $2,950.  This includes all classes, training,  program activities and events.

Food, Housing & Transportation: Your in country expenses for the entire duration of your stay is $650 per month. This cost covers the following; furnished apartment equipped with high speed internet, local cell phone, transportation to all Go International functions, three meals per day including a hot dinner that is cooked for you each night.




Feb 9, 2015- July 9, 2015 



Aug 3, 2015 - Dec 15, 2015



Feb 8, 2016 - July 1, 2016



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