Pack your bags for the experience of a lifetime as you journey to Quito, Ecuador.  

Home to the Amazon River, Andes Mountains, and the Galapagos Islands; Ecuador is the perfect backdrop for your South American adventure. Your ministry will begin in the capital city of Quito, Ecuador where you will participate in a variety of creative outreaches.  As a team you will minister in places such as jails, orphanages, parks, plazas, college campuses and schools. As you bring hope to the people of Ecuador you will return home with a deeper sense of purpose, a love for people, and a greater passion for God.

Take a peek at this amazing nation and check out the "All You Need is Ecuador" campaign video put out last year by the Ecuadorian Department of Tourism:



Capital: Quito

Elevation:  9,350 feet.

Population: Quito 2.23 Million. Total nation: 15.74 Million.

Religion: 95% Catholic. 5% other or atheist.

Weather: Quito is a very temperate climate (Think San Diego with a little more chilly evenings.) The temperature ranges from a low of 40 degrees in the mornings and evenings to a high of 85 in the afternoons. The running joke among the locals about the weather is that they have all four seasons in one day.

Currency: US Dollar

Language: Spanish and Quechua (various dialects)

Vaccines: There are no required vaccines to visit Ecuador however, the State Department recommends that you be up to date on all of your basic inoculations. For additional recommendations please refer to the Center for Disease Control website and consult with your personal health care provider for updated information on what vaccines you may desire for the trip.


Trip Price:  $2,700*

*Price does not include: Passport fees, spending money, vaccines, or souvenirs.

Payment DATES

Deposit and Travel Release Form:                  Due Upon Acceptance $250   

The deposit should be made payable directly to Go International. 

Payment 1:           March 8th $300

Payment 2:           March 30th $500

Payment 3:            April  21st $500

Payment 4:           May 12th $400

Payment 5:            June 2nd $400

Payment 6:           June 16th $350


We understand that often the most difficult part of any endeavor such as this is raising the funds. We recognize that taking the first financial step is always the hardest but we have found that when people remain faithful and committed throughout the process their funds come in. Don’t let the seeming enormity of what has to be raised paralyze you. Take small steps daily and you will accomplish your fundraising goal.

There are two ways that people can make donations to your account (All donations are tax deductible regardless of payment method):

1). Online: For your convenience we’ve provided you with an online crowdfunding platform to aid you in your fundraising efforts. You can create your own fundraising profile that is equipped with progress bars so donors can see where you are at in your fundraising campaign. This platform also allows donors to donate on a monthly basis to your trip.

To get started collecting funds online, CLICK HERE and then click the "Join Team" button. From there just follow the prompts. You'll notice that there is already some template content provided to you. Please update and personalize your page. You may also want to personalize the "Thank You Email" that will go out to your donors.

Once you have created your fundraising page you can link it to blogs, social networks, and eblasts. These funds will be deposited directly into your YNG Ecuador account minus the transaction fee charged by the credit card company and Classy which is generally about 5%-7% depending on the card the donor pays with. Please note that your progress bar on Classy shows the total that donors have given without the fee deduction. Your true balance will be reflected on the reports that Go International will send to you.

2). Checks: Donors can make donations to your account by making checks payable to Go International. Any cash donations you receive will need to be converted to a money order or check. Instruct donors to send checks directly to you. Mail the checks along with any other donations to: Go International, PO Box 701711, Tulsa, OK 74170. With each group of checks sent to Go International you will need to mail a completed “Go International Payment Slip”. This ensures that your funds will be credited to your account.


In addition to using the crowdfunding platform you may choose to do some traditional fundraising as well. Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your trip and get people involved in what you are doing.  Below are some helpful guidelines that will make fundraising as successful as it can be for you.  

Always have a goal in mind. If you are going to have a car wash don’t just stand there with buckets in hand, set a goal. As people drive by hold signs that say, “Help us meet our goal of washing 50 cars today”! If you are selling something, ask people to meet a specific goal: draw a big thermometer and color it in as the goals are being met. This gives people a direct place to get involved.

Be creative! Creativity is the key to successful fundraising.  Ask God for innovative ideas and strategic ways to raise the money for your trip.  

Pray.  Thank God for supplying all that you need and for surrounding you with favor.



__ All Payments Have Been Made

__ All Packing List Items Are Packed

__ Medical Forms Have Been Turned In

__ Travel Release Forms Have Been Turned In

__ Passport Copies Have Been Turned in

__ I have in my possession:

  • Passport

  • Spending Money

  • Medical Forms



packing list

For travel, you are permitted one suitcase for your personal items of 50 LBS or less, one carry-on bag that must meet federal regulations, and one personal item. Go International cannot be held responsible for baggage fees or lost or stolen baggage. Check with your airline to see if additional baggage charges apply.  

What to wear: Wear what you normally wear with the understanding that there may be some occasions where specific dress code may be needed for cultural sensitivity. Bring one or two outfits that you can get dirty as we may do some construction/painting for outreach.

For our Ministry Events you will need to pack:

Art Campaigns:

  • Black t-shirt (You will wear this several times during the trip)
  • Primary colored T-shirt (You will wear this several times during the trip)

  • One bright neon shirt

  • White t-shirt (You will wear this several times during the trip)

  • Dark Blue Jeans (You will wear these jeans with each of the shirts listed above so you may want to pack several for the trip)
  • One dark jacket or sweatshirt that you can wear in case it is cold during our art campaign

Children's outreaches:

  • One Costume: This can be something simple such as brightly colored workout clothes or a character you create such as a puppy dog or clown. The theme of all of our children’s events are designed around a circus. You can see photos here to get ideas for what to pack. You can customize your outfit with makeup or other accessories.

Work Projects:

  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or ruined.

Special Events:

  • Girls: Pack one outfit that you would wear for a nice dinner. (Please dress modestly.)
  • Guys: nice jeans or slacks, dress shirt, button up, or black polo.

Other items to pack:

  • Notarized Travel Release Form

  • Daily Attire (pants/shirts/sweaters/jackets that you would normally wear in the US for 50-70 degree weather. Please dress modestly.)

  • Towels & Washcloths

  • Bedding for a Twin Size Bed (Sheets, pillow cases, sleeping bag or comforter, pillow.) 

  • Toiletries (We recommend that you pack all your liquid toiletry items in Ziplock bags or seal closed with packing tape; liquids have a tendency to explode during flights due to air pressure.)

  • Bible

  • Notebook and pens

  • You may want to pack a small Umbrella

  • Sunscreen with a SPF of 50 or higher

  • Antibacterial gel

  • Water Bottle (you will use this everyday)

  • Swimsuit

  • Tennis shoes and/or boots for walking

  • Warm coat (evenings can get chilly in Quito and surrounding areas.  Most evenings the temperature is around 50 degrees, but it can dip as low as 30-40 degrees.

  • Ibuprofen: If you use this item you will want to bring it with you. Ibuprofen cannot be purchased in Ecuador without a prescription.

Optional Packing List

  • Camera

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • Modest Shorts

  • Sweaters and or light jacket

  • Flashlight

Ministry Supplies

As team members, you will have the opportunity to minister to many children in a variety of activities.  Feel free to pack the following items:

  • Water balloons

  • Candy

  • Face paints

  • Small toys or prizes

  • Inflatable beach balls

  • School supplies for children/office supplies (Ex: white out, post-its, clipboards, ultra bright colored etc.)

  • Tablets, pens, pencils, little toys and prizes

  • Small sizes of shoes and children’s clothing

  • Toiletries soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, deodorant, face and hand creams.  These will also be beneficial to donate to the medical clinics we will be doing there.

Suggestion: To get donations for this outreach, set up a suitcase at your local church and hang a sign listing the items that you would like to collect.


As you prepare for your trip, the most important thing that you can do is pray. Prayer really does make all the difference, so during the days or weeks before your trip, begin to prepare your heart. Here is a list of some topics you can begin to pray about:

  • Favor with government officials

  • Missionary contacts with whom we will be working

  • The leadership on the trip

  • All your finances to come in

  • That your life will be changed forever

  • Decisions for Christ that last

  • Peaceful sleep

  • Strength and health for all team members

Spanish TOOLS

There are many technological tools available to help you learn a new language. Here are a few of our favorites: