Alumni Spotlight: Andy Unruh

Alumni spotlight: Andy Unruh

The Go Internship is celebrating its fifth year of operation.  Andy Unruh graduated with our 2009 class of students.  We caught up with Andy recently to hear about what he has been doing since he graduated.

Go: Since your time at Go, you've ventured out on some very exciting endeavors. What did you do? Andy: I decided to move to Vail, Colorado and take a job on the mountain where I was able to snowboard everyday for a winter season! I worked as a freelance graphic designer to earn extra money, as well as work for a marketing company in the area.

Go: What are you currently doing now? Andy: Now I am working as a youth pastor at a local church in the northern part of Texas. I am also opening a coffee/espresso/flavored teashop to meet the coffee needs of the people!

Go: How did the classes and practical training you received at internship help you after you left? Andy: I could have never EVER been able to do graphic design without the classes @ GO. Also the craziness of starting a business from scratch is MUCH easier with the classes on business, sales, finance and marketing. I could have never done any of it, or even dreamed of doing the things that make me come alive if it wasn't for the Go Internship. The skills, relationships, knowledge and challenges during my time at Go Internship, thrust me forward into my destiny and calling! Because of GO, I now DO WHAT I LOVE!!! Also, if it wasn’t for GO, I wouldn’t be so addicted to coffee that I felt like I "need" to open a coffee shop! Just Kidding... Kind of.

We are very proud of you Andy and the impact you are making in your local community.  You've always had a passion for business and a HUGE heart for youth- it is great to see you living out your dreams.