The 120 Campaign

Buy a Parcel of Land. Build a Farm to sustain an Orphanage of 80.

The Issue. 163 million orphans will wake up this morning, many of them with no food to eat. In the next 120 seconds- 24 children will die because of hunger related issues. 9 million children will die before their 5th birthday.

The Facts. On average, sponsoring an orphan for a month costs $45. The cost to sponsor an orphan for a year is approximately $540. If a child was sponsored from birth to the age of 18 the cost would be $9,720. Sponsoring 80 orphans from birth to 18 would cost $777,600.

The Farm. Today, join individuals from across the nation and partner with Go International to build a 120 parcel farm in Cambodia to support and sustain an orphanage. This $12,000 farm will not only sustain 80 orphans, but it will also allow these orphans to have three meals a day.

Get Involved. One parcel of land is $100. Be one of 120 individuals across the nation to purchase a parcel of land and together we can build a farm and create lasting change in the lives of Cambodian orphans.

BUY A PARCEL » Upon buying a parcel of land you will receive a certificate that states you have purchased