Go Snapshot: This Week At Go Nov 10

Open Doors:  If there were a theme to this week that would have to be it.  In moving here we felt in our hearts that the first phase of establishing our base would be Community Integration and Needs Assessment.  Basically, building relationships and networking with others to see where Go can best contribute.  This week we had some key connections.

Tuesday we met with a man we worked with back in 2005 who runs a media company and a non profit foundation.  There are many ways it looks like we’ll be able to work together.  He has open doors with schools, rescue homes, and medical outreaches as well as inroads in both business and government.  He has offered to help us however he can, so we look forward to seeing how this partnership develops.

We had the opportunity to speak at OneHeart once again this week where we had an incredible time sharing with young professionals and college students on how to develop creative thinking in our lives.  Greg also spoke at a local church on Thursday about Living Beyond Normal.

Next Week On Tuesday we have a meeting with some fellow missionaries who are starting a rescue home for at risk girls here in Quito, so we are excited to see if there are ways we may be able to work together!  Thursday we have been invited to speak to the staff at the national offices for Compassion International about creativity in the workplace. We are honored that so many doors have opened for us to share with people immediately upon our arrival!

Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

Journeying Together,

Greg, Christa, and Zion Baca


Earlier this week Go launched a new web based campaign called: #go_inspiration. The concept of this campaign is to inspire people through the use of art.  By using the Instagram platform we hope to engage artists with the inspirational message of the gospel while simultaneously giving them a way to use their artistic abilities to inspire one another. This week’s featured artist is @justinkila with his take one our theme of “One Life”.  To read more about this campaign or to see some of this week's entries CLICK HERE.






LIFE IN ECUADOR Each week we highlight a little bit of the personal side of our Life in Ecuador.  Follow Zion as he shows you how we get around on this edition of Life In Ecuador.



ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Check out this week’s edition of Alumni Spotlight, where we catch up with previous interns and staff to see what they’ve been up to.  This week we talk with adventurer and creator of EpicUncertainty.com, Matt Arbo.  Matt interned with Go for two years and graduated the program in 2011.  Matt is always an inspiration to us and we thought he might just inspire you too!  [READ MORE...]


CURRENT NEEDS Even though our funding was not completed prior to our move we felt in our hearts to make the move and trust God.   We are still in need of the following: Funding for Visas:  $1,500 Basic Home Furnishings: $1,000 Media Equipment:  $3,000 Setup Fee’s:  $2,000

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